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Episode Trailers


Previews of 13 episodes in Season I of Red Earth Uncovered


“N’ha-a-itk in the Deep”
Tom tells Shayla to head to the Okanagan to begin her search of lake monsters and flesh out the “Ogopogo” legend.

“N’ha-a-itk in the Deep” – Part 2
Shayla finds someone to take her out to Rattlesnake Island and Squally Point, which is the alleged home of Ogopogo.

“Hairy in Harrison”
Tom tells Shayla to head to Harrison Hot Springs to begin her search for the elusive Big Foot.

“Hairy in Harrison” – Part 2
Shayla continues her search for Sasquatch and takes a tour through Sasquatch Provincial Park with Bill Miller.

“A Small World”
Tom tells Shayla to flesh out the “Little People” legend. Shayla goes to Maskwacis to hear about encounters with Little People.

“A Small World” – Part 2
Shayla talks to Rick Lightning from the Samson Cree First Nation, who tells her about the Little People who lived in his home.

“Wild Rose, Wildman”
Tom tells Shayla to look into Sasquatch sightings in and around Alberta.

“Wild Rose, Wildman” – Part 2
After speaking with eyewitnesses, Shayla decides to explore the woods and look for evidence of Sasquatch.

“Earth & Balance”
Tom tells Shayla to go check out the legends of coyote in Kamloops, BC.

“Earth & Balance” – Part 2
Shayla explores the Kamloops area and speaks with a coyote expert.

“Who’s Your Caddy?”
Tom tells Shayla to go to Vancouver Island to learn about an elusive sea serpent, known as the Cadborosaurus, aka “Caddy”.

“Who’s Your Caddy?” – Part 2
Shayla takes a tour of Cadboro Bay in search of Caddy.

Tom tells Shayla to go to Vancouver Island to learn about the well-known coastal legend of Thunderbird.