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“Red Earth Uncovered” is a half-hour youth documentary series where a host investigates Aboriginal linkages and relevance to both archeological discoveries and ancient myths and legends.


This series will take viewers on an adventure to places where world-renowned mysteries remain elusive. The possibilities and truths about what could be and how Aboriginal Peoples may have played a role in these well-known historical events and stories are uncovered.


2 co-hosts will lead the adventure in a mentor-mentee relationship. The mentor is a pathfinder chronicler who is excited about the stories and untold truths of the legends. The mentee is a younger, eager explorer who wants to delve into the mysteries and discover the unknown.


The Pathfinder Chronicler will give the Explorer exciting off-site assignments to various locations where the myths abound. The Explorer will interview locals and Aboriginal Peoples to get perspective and understanding about each story; and then explore and get first-hand experience in hopes of uncovering truths.



Watch us on APTN in 2018!